Shihan Gorter

Harry Gorter was born on April, 16th 1961 in the Netherlands in a town called Deventer.

He started with the Martial Arts in 1976 with Chinese Boxing and since then has never stopped training. He has been running dojos from 1983 to date. In 1977, he changed to Kyokushin Karate and started training at the dojo of Sensei Jahja Tigele in Deventer. He practiced this style till about 1991. From 1989-1991 he learned Ashihara Karate at an instructor course led by Willem Brunekreef and later Dave Jonkers. Harry was in the first group of teachers to be certified by European President David Cook to teach Ashihara in the Netherlands. This happened after a weekend grading in 1991. From that moment he stopped training and teaching Kyokushin and changed fully to Ashihara karate which he trains and teaches to date.

In 1995, he also became interested in the Kyokushin Budokai style of Jon Bluming (10th Degree). Kyokushin Budokai is a combination of Karate/Kick-boxing with throwing technique and ground work. After an intensive instructor’s course, he became a certified instructor. In 1997, he started training in another concept of total fighting: The Pancrase style of Bas Rutten. In 1998, he became a certified instructor after completing an instructor’s course by Bas Rutten assisted by Leon van Dijk and Marco Ruas. He has also received certification in Jim Wagner’s Reality Based Personal Protection System. At this moment Harry is the only instructor in the Netherlands with the highest Level 3 grade and also appointed by Jim Wagner as the Dutch representative of this system. Harry is always studying other systems to learn as much as possible from other Martial Arts to adapt useful concepts and techniques to improve his own art. Ashihara karate is his primary style but many influences of other arts can be found in the way he practice and teaches Ashihara karate. His motto is: It must work in the streets !

In 1993, he met Hoosain Narker at a summer camp of the AIKO in Hengelo, the Netherlands. And they have been friends eversince. Harry was very impressed by Kaicho Narker as a person and as a budoka. Harry felt that he had the right KOKORO. When he heard a year or two later that Narker had started his own organisation the AKI, he thought it to be a very good initiative. As he heard and read a lot about the AKI, he became interested and joined in 1999.


6th dan Ashihara Karate International

6th dan WCKF

6th dan World Kumite Organization Thailand – WKO

2nd dan and Certified Instructor Bas Rutten Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling

1st dan Kyokushin karate – 1984

Level 3 Instructor Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection

Expert Level Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection

Level 1 KAPAP Point Shooting

Level 5 Instructor Pangamot Filipino “dirty” Boxing

Certified Eskrima Knife Fighting Instructor

Certified Instructor Kyokushin Budokai Allround fighting – Jon Bluming

Certified Referee Kyokushin Budokai Allround fighting – Jon Bluming

Certified Ashihara Karate Instructor

Certified Referee Ashihara Karate

Certified Leraar Martial Arts

Thai Boxing Instructor

Country Representative and European Chief instructor Ashihara Karate International

Country Representative Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection

Director of the Budo Masters Council

Reiki 1 & 2

Kundalini Reiki Master

Harry Gorter - Holland - membership