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European Ashihara Summer Camp 2007
Shihan Harry Gorter 5th Dan
supported by
Kaicho Hoosain Narker 8th dan

Zeeland, The Netherlands (Holland)

The camp was well organised by Shidoin Franco Tigele with the support of sponsors V-ZWEEDEN. Participants came from different groups.
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Report back Summercamp 22-24 June 2007 Zeeland

The camp was held at camping Twistvliet Vrouwenpolder Zeeland and was well organised by Sensei Franco Tigele assisted by a very able team including his wife. The camp was open to anyone from any style and organisation and participants came from different groups: Kyokushin - Shihan Donald Jano and students, Shotokan karate - Sensei John Malawauw and students, Dutch Defence Association - Sensei Sjon Sluiter and students, Martial Arts System Belgium - Sensei Dominique van de Kerckhove and students, Ashihara Niko Belgium - Sempai Peter Willems and from Ashihara Karate International - Kaicho Hoosain Narker, Shihan Harry Gorter, Sensei Henk Riethorst, Sensei Johny Verheijden (Belgium), Sensei Franco Tigele, Sempai Piet Lemoine, Sempai Niels Bergervoet and the Dutch students.

Special thanks must be given to Kaicho Hoosain Narker for travelling all the way from South Africa, Sensei Franco and his team, Main sponsor V-Zweeden, Mr. Hedwig from 'de Stadsring' dojo, all the camp participants and last but not least all the people around the scene who did the cooking, making arrangements and all other necessary things!

Friday after dinner the first training started with emphasis on Ashihara Real Fight Combat drills. The second training was a very nice 'middle in the night' training on the beach. Sabaki movements was trained under Moon light. Super!! The Saturday morning training was done in the dojo 'de Stadsring' Middelburg. This training existed of Ashihara Real Fighting techniques and tactics with defence against spontaneous attacks. This was well liked by the participants.  In the afternoon Kaicho Hoosain Narker gave an excellent outside training of high technical level. Kaicho taught the group great sabaki concepts.

The day concluded with a socialising BBQ. This is always a special event as it brings everyone closer to each other.

Sunday morning training was on the beach. This training started of practising Sabaki and ended with practicing the Jim Wagner knife defence rules. The afternoon training was on strike pad training drills including the 15 second drill and the boiler drills.

At the conclusion of the camp Kaicho Hoosain Narker promoted Sensei Franco to 2nd Dan. The promotion was done in recognition of Franco's life long dedication to karate and for his tremendous efforts to promote ashihara karate. Congratulations Osu!!

The camp finished with excellent Indonesian meals.

I hope to see all again next year!!



Harry Gorter

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