Pancrase / MMA

Sjouke Kooistra

Coaching Dutch boxing Champion Sjouke Kooistra in his MMA fight

ninja 2

1998 at the Pancrase instructor course.
L – R Marco Ruas, Harry and Bas Rutten.

Max Verhelst (left), Harry (second left) and Michael van Gils (far right) in December 2002.

Student Willem Brand in his first MMA fight. October 2003.

Group Picture Seminar Remco Pardoel at Pancrase (march 2003)

Promotion to 2nd dan Pancrase (same seminar)

Bas Rutten instructing. (2000)

with Pride fighter Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua

Pancrase cert

 2nd Dan Certificate Pancrase Harry Gorter by Bas Rutten and Masami Ozaki